How it Works

With GenMove, Parents can:

Moderate screentime

We all know how drawn our children are to their screens. 

GenMove is a new productive way for children to engage with their screens, that improves their physical and mental wellbeing through movement games. More GenMove less gaming.

Improve Physical Wellbeing

The links between physical activity and enjoyment of life are well established. 

The problem now is that 80% of children no longer meet the physical activity guidelines. Increasing screen time is one of the main culprits for this. 

Improve Mental Wellbeing

The links between mental health and physical activity are also well established. 

We all know how agitated our children get after spending too much time playing their favourite games. GenMove is a positive screen time alternative. 

Improve Movement Literacy

We care about mathematical and language literacy, what about movement literacy?

Transition the Mood

Ease the transition back from negative screen time to family time.

Productive Screentime

Use the device for positive impact. Watch their mood change.

Add unlimited children

All household children can be covered under the single plan.

Gaming for Good

Healthy gaming that motivates our children to want to move more.

Help kids express identity

The more movement the more they can customise their avatar.


100's of session combinations

New games added regularly

Choice of Avatars

50+ unique games

Why Parents love GenMove

Very Clever. I haven't seen my boys move this much in years. They don't even know they are exercising!

Stephen D.

5 stars

Brilliant! Put the kid in the video game to get them moving.

Pip S.

5 stars

Hours of fun. A much healthier use of screen time.

Andrew H.

5 stars

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Movement Games

Each game family has six skill levels, inspiring kids to keep moving and complete all the moves.



Zone Runner


Bubble Pop

Space Blast

Why did we build GenMove?

We created GenMove because many of us in the company are parents, and we started to see the very real and negative impact screen time was having on the mental and physical wellbeing of our children. 

We knew there had to be an opportunity to use AI and gamification for good, to reinforce positive behaviours and healthy lifestyle choices in our children. 

GenMove was no accident. We spent the best part of a year looking into the state of the art gamification experiences that were hooking our children into endless hours of non productive screen time. Once we understood the roles of avatars and positive reinforcement than many of these games leverage, we decided to borrow from these techniques to create a more healthy and highly engaging movement based screen experience. 

After our children use GenMove, we notice very real positive changes in their mood.  Now that we see them asking to play GenMove again it brings a smile to our face. It's working. Our children are rekindling their love for movement in a new modern way. 

Technology can be used for good, and we plan to continue to be at the forefront of products that help our children develop positive and healthy lifestyles well into the future. 


All plans include unlimited children and devices, and access to NEW games as they are released.

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GenMove Monthly

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Whole body movement  games to get kids more active.

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Movement games to play on phone, tablet or cast to TV.

Movement games to play on phone, tablet, or cast to TV. 

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