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Whole body movement app to get kids more active. Play anywhere, anytime. 40,000+ kids engaged so far.

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Five Stars

So much fun!

I was playing with my toddler son and he absolutely loved it. Had so much fun interacting with the different games and the details are amazing. Will be playing everyday

Five Stars

Excellent should be compulsory at schools

Great job

Five Stars

Fun fun fun

The kids love it, there bouncing all over the place.

Five Stars


Great idea and so easy to use. Gets kids excited about activity and exercise. For once I don’t mind lending them my phone

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Surya Kiran

Five Stars

28 December 2022

good for kids

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Tobias Locsei

Five Stars

3 December 2022

loads of fun

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Nour M'rabet

Five Stars

14 December 2022

My daughter loved it! Great game!

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Five Stars

8 December 2022

amazing and beautiful 💖

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Active brain games

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Physical movement


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Problem solving

A powerful combination proven to improve mood, attention and physical fitness.

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Our research shows that in just 8 minutes you can radically improve your kids mood and attention playing GenMove.

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Our movement based brain games activates all the beneficial neurotransmitters to rapidly improve your child's mood and attention. Delivered in one simple app!

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How it works

Kids play and move their whole body in the games - not passively on the couch.

Girl Playing Genmove

Easy set up!

Lean Device Against Wall


Lean device against a wall.

Step Back


Step back.

Get Into Position


Follow prompts to get into position.

Start Playing


Start playing and improve your mood!

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Movement games


Designed in collaboration with leading sport scientists.

Each game family features combination of different movement patterns, for improved fitness literacy.

Chomp GameplaySquiggly Arrow


Levels 1 - 7

‘Chomp’ all the shapes when they pop up on the screen.

You’ll need to move, stretch, squat and jump to get all the shapes!

Space Blast GameplaySquiggly Arrow

Space Blast!

Levels 1 - 6

Jump up and down to fire the spaceship. Eliminate the aliens.

Work your way through weapon upgrades and increasingly fast aliens.

Jump GameplaySquiggly Arrow


Levels 1 - 6

Pop the balls by perfectly timing your jumps!

Progress through the levels until you are out of breath.